Announcement of the Internal Investigation and News on the Progress of the Crisis Management Program

Dear investors of Recyclix,

I am Yaroslav Mikhalsky, the chairman of the new management team of Recyclix, and in this crucially important message I would like to share with you the completed internal investigation into the the activities of Recyclix and the reasons behind the illegal takeover of the company as well as give you the latest details on commencement of the process of provision of the compensations.

However, before getting down to explaining in which way and when the compensations will be paid, I would like to cover the issue of the illegal takeover of Recyclix by Igor Pshenychnyi and the respective internal investigation into that matter that our team has prepared.


As you have probably noticed, currently website cannot be accessed. This is associated with the illegal actions of the team of evildoers who—like we told you in the previous newsletter—have managed to forge the official documents and unlawfully get hold of the company.

Fortunately, we have succeeded to establish the identities of these individuals as well as reconstruct negligent actions of the old management team of the company and the events that led to this chaotic and unpleasant situation.

All important facts about the true story behind what was happening at Recyclix when it was managed by the old executive team are presented in the internal investigation that I would like to share with you.


Remember that it’s very important to take your time to get familiar with this document in order to understand the current situation of the illegal takeover as well as to get ourselves prepared for a smooth and seamless process of the compensation provision.

Just like we promised in the latest update in the official Facebook page of the company, as a further evidence of the illegal takeover of the company we provide you with the originals of the forged unlimited power of attorney — featuring the names of lawyers who performed this illegal action—used to get hold of the company by Igor Pshenychnyi on behalf of the group of intruders uncovered in our investigation and the text of the legal claim against Igor Pshenychnyi on behalf of the director of Recyclix, Aleksandr Suranovas.

As soon as the claim has been successfully reviewed by the court, Aleksandr Suranovas will be reestablished as the director of Recyclix in order to pass the ownership of the company over to our team for completion of the crisis management program and payment of the compensations.

Also, we reckon that the group of people who illegally took over Recyclix are currently reading this newsletter. This is why we are asking them to make a public statement, disclose their identities—although this has already been allegedly done in our internal investigation—and communicate what they want to our team and the investors of Recyclix so that we would be able to resolve this situation in a lawful way and give the investors their funds back.


As of now, the recycling process on all accounts has been stopped and in the following days you will see that all your waste, if available, will be sold. All your account earnings will be automatically combined into one withdrawal order—whilst if you have already had requested a payout earlier and it has not been made yet, it will be also added into the final withdrawal order—the ID of which will be later on sent over to the the crisis management center in order to put you in the queue for subsequent provision of the compensation.

We believe that, just like in case with the illegal takeover of the company on behalf of Ruslan Puksto by the same individuals, this time the legal process of getting the company back will not take much time and will not influence the dates of commencement of the first phase of the compensation provision announced earlier, which is June 2017.

In the previous newsletter we mentioned that a part of the funds meant for provision of the compensations is currently kept in Latvian Citadele bank. As you have found out from the internal investigation published above, these funds are now undergoing an official investigation by the Latvian police and will be released within 6 months. Once these funds have been released, they will be transferred to the crisis management center and will be used for the second phase of the compensation provision process.

We would like to strongly recommend you not to provide your personal data to anyone who may be illegally taking actions on behalf of Recyclix or BEPAY if not explicitly stated otherwise on or the official Facebook page of the company. Also, please be sure not to take seriously any information about Recyclix unless it’s published on the official mirror website,, or in the official Facebook group of the company.

Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.

Until the official Recyclix website page is recovered from the team of illegal intruders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.

Yours sincerely,

Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky