Official Message to the Illegal Intruders from the Recyclix Crisis Management Team

In this message I would like to address the group of illegal intruders, whoever they may be, and tell them my thoughts and opinion about this unlawful action in a public way.

Private detectives hired by our team already tried to locate and contact Igor Pshenychnyi, who is officially wanted by the police in Czech Republic for a car theft, but so far it was not possible to detect this individual because he is apparently hiding.

My message to the group of illegal intruders will be brief. Firstly, I am asking you to publicly present yourselves to the participants of Recyclix and our team and explain, in detail and publicly as well as with provision of evidence and proofs, on what grounds you should be considered the true new management team of Recyclix.

Secondly, when it comes to the negotiations on the process of returning the funds, we are willing and eager to do this, but only in a legal and public manner through our lawyers.

Therefore, I am asking you to publish the contacts of your team of lawyers, as well as any other contacts that we may use to get in touch with you, on website.

And I would to repeat it once more. From now on all communications between our team and you, whoever you may be, shall be carried out in a public way.


Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky