Answering the Raiders: Analysis and Fact Check

Dear participants of Recyclix,

A couple of days ago the raiders who took over Recyclix and its website published a message in which they strictly recommended the public not to make deposits into the mirror website of the company, claimed that ‘the unjust enrichment of the organizers is still happening’, and tried to awkwardly enforce an array of false statements onto the users.

From the message they published we can understand that they do not have a slightest notion about how to act further on. It seems that they do not know that registrations and deposits/withdrawals are currently disabled on due to the crisis management process, whilst the lack of any proofs and evidence of these statements makes them even less credible.

This is exactly why our team decided to analyze their message and prepare a public answer that features a detailed fact check of all allegations of the raiders.

…Our side is the same deceived investor as the rest of the people. Mr. Pshenichny gave the company a large amount of foreign money for certain obligations…

As of now, your side has not even managed to present themselves to the members of Recyclix and our team. When it comes to the statement about Igor Pshenychnyi giving money to the company, of which no one seems to know apart from you, we ask you to provide the contract for such transactions where the sum of money, all parties involved, and all dates and places are specified.

…Obligations were not fulfilled on the promised date, the money disappeared…

According to the information we possess, currently Gabriel keep backs over €1 mln on an account in the Finnish department of Nordea bank. Overall, he and his partners in crime have stolen over €3 mln.

…According to the company’s founder, as a pledge of power of attorney, in connection with the failure to comply with the deadlines, the firm was officially re-registered as a creditor…

The company’s founder didn’t prepare any power of attorney documents himself. There was, although, a forged power of attorney that was used by you in order to take control of the company. The rest will be found out by the investigators during questioning of your partners in crime.

…The documents and money promised were not returned. Man just disappeared…

It’s not clear what documents, money, and people you are talking about. In case of making a statement and claiming something, we ask you to provide evidence.

…At the time of access to the bank account of the company in the CSOB bank, there was already nothing on the balance sheet. To the accounts of the company in Poland and other countries, Mr. Pshenichny did not have access and does not have. Account statements from the bank account will be published…

Igor Pshenychnyi was never meant to have access to anything in the company. Instead of making false statements, we ask you to provide screenshots of the CSOB bank account showing where the funds were sent.

…As it turned out, everything was planned in advance. The fictional reason for the suspension of activities and payments was a fire, then an attempt to take possession of the company by a third party, etc…

This is exactly what we are seeing right now. Illegal activities of taking possession of the company that were planned and carried out by you.

…In fact, all the funds were mastered and further “development” of the organization was not expected. The main intention is to get as much money from investors as possible by fraud…

In fact, on January 12 BEPAY company has stopped to fulfill its obligations, which led the company to collapse. It’s crystal clear that the further development of the company was not planned to be continued alongside with people who were guided by greed, didn’t care about ethical standards, and didn’t have any business development plan.

Financial fraud was the idea of Gabriel and his partners in crime who robbed the company, then decided that it was still not enough, and illegally took over Recyclix. However, all unlawful actions lead to the consequences and we will not let Gabriel achieve his plans, combating him in a legal way.

…There is no anti-crisis team. The information that was published by the allegedly anti-crisis team concerns individuals who were fraudulently involved and provided credit support at the first stages of the company’s activities. The organization was a typical financial pyramid…

Actually, there is no detective agency—which doesn’t even appear in Google search—you allegedly hired who are allegedly conducting negotiations with BEPAY and allegedly carrying out an investigation. There is no crisis management plan from your team and there are no documents that you always refer to in your messages.

The truth is that from the very beginning those people who have now illegally took over the company were receiving funds for business development purposes from Recyclix, but instead of it they were spending these funds on other purposes and were cashing them out through recycling factories and shady business schemes. Knowing that you are the organizers of the company takeover and embezzlement of client funds, it’s ridiculous to look at your false allegations claiming that you were fraudulently involved in the business.

…”Anti-crisis team” tried to discredit Mr. Pshenichny on the grounds that he appears in criminal proceedings initiated by Czech law enforcement agencies. The reality is that he is a victim as a result of the actions of intruders who have taken possession of his vehicle. In turn, the only founder and director of the company to whom you all trusted was serving a sentence in a correctional institution in Denmark for theft; Now is under investigation in the case of fraud related to the company’s activities…

Earlier we have mentioned that the company founder was in a correctional institution in Denmark. However, what you forgot to mention is that all of your names are also included in this criminal case.

…What happened during the survey: A) from the company’s accounts all money was withdrawn and withdrawn regularly throughout the time (the beneficiaries will be published) B) There are no processing plants on the balance sheet of the company, all activities represented a fraudulent scheme aimed at enriching the organizers B) there is already an official investigation in Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic States…

Firstly, we will be waiting for all official documents and proofs that you have. Secondly, it was always said publicly that the company had no recycling plants on the balance sheet. This fraudulent scheme, however, was implemented by Gabriel and his partners from Eco Green Line SIA entity who are now enjoying funds of the members of the company.

And lastly, we would like to ask you to publicly share all news on the progress of the official investigations you mentioned.

…The organizers of this structure were the below mentioned persons. The main organizer was Sergei Berezin (photo number 1, 1984 year of birth). His right hand Arthur Potapov (photo number 2, born in 1982). Programmers and those. Resource support and control over transfers: ITVA company, responsible persons: Vitaliy Markevich and Yuri Briginsky. All information received will be published. The main organizers are based in the Dominican Republic, some of them are in Russia, where they have financial participation in private business…

The organizers of this structure were actually Mikhaeli Gabriel and his associates, whilst Dmitri Paladi was an executive manager appointed by Gabriel. The rest of the people were common participants of the project who were performing tasks given out by Dmitri under the guidance of Gabriel.

Mikhaeli Gabriel

…Based on the initiated criminal cases, we will try to block all bank accounts of the company, as well as accounts for which funds were withdrawn from the main sources. Affiliated structures and organizations will also be involved…

And although you may ‘try to’ block any bank accounts, you will not be able to do so because you have not yet succeeded in opening a single criminal case about the whole situation. Instead of it, we are asking you to return the money you embezzled — €840,000 that we mentioned in our previous newsletter and provided a screenshot that proves the transaction—without providing any explanation about it.

When it comes to affiliated organizations and structures, we are eager and willing to publish a list of all fly-by-night companies you used to carry out the financial fraud and embezzlement of funds.

…Our side does not require any investment from you and does not accept them. Our goal is to stop activities and restore justice. We ask you to render all possible assistance in the investigation: To inform about participation in conferences, about persons with whom you communicated on this project, Kindly request, if you are handling issues regarding contributions to the company – indicate in the subject line of the letter invesment, if you are handling information about the activities of the organization or persons involved in it – info recyclix.

In advance, we thank all those who are ready to provide and those who have already provided information.

P.S. An appeal to large investors: we urge you to participate in a non-profit association that will lead the process of reimbursing the invested funds. Ready investors can write a request with an indication in the subject line: cooperation…

No one ever ‘required’ any investments and currently the company is not engaged in any recycling or other activities. And if one looks at your actions, it seems that there will be no justice.

We see that you mentioned a non-profit association. Actually, there is already an organization like this and it was created by a member of the company from Switzerland, Herald K. What non-profit association are you referring to? Yet another fly-by-night company that you founded?

Lastly, we would like to let you know that several months ago during the winter Dainis Vasiljevs transferred the ownership of BEPAY company to Gabriel, whom we mentioned earlier in our investigation and newsletters.

This is why we disclose documents — discovered by a team of private detectives we hired—using which the transfer of ownership of the company was carried out and we ask the raiders to provide the members of Recyclix and our team with detailed and transparent explanations on this account.

Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.

Until the official Recyclix website page has been recovered from the raiders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.

Yours sincerely,

Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky