Important Update on Progress of the Governmental Investigations and Current Events

Dear participants of Recyclix,

We would like to let you know that so far our crisis management team has managed to achieve substantial progress in recovery of the members’ funds. In this newsletter we will tell you about the advances made in governmental investigations into the illegal takeover of Recyclix and embezzlement of funds. For the sake of convenience, all information is divided into corresponding sections.

Progress in Latvia

We have successfully traced the whereabouts of the misappropriated funds in the amount of €1 mln to Riga, Latvia. This is why we contacted the investigative authorities and lawyers in Riga, conducted all necessary negotiations, and received explanations and answers on matters associated with recovering the embezzled funds and getting them back to the Recyclix participants. The Latvian investigative department, headed by Olga Lugus, is working on this criminal case.

The legal rationale for recovery of the participants’ funds is set out in the Article 357 of the Criminal Code of Latvia. The article says that the assets are given back to the legitimate owner upon request of the designated person once withholding of these assets for purposes of meeting the objectives of the criminal proceedings is no longer needed.

Considering the abovesaid, in order to recover your funds you will need to prepare a written statement addressed to the investigator Olga Lugus (valsts policijas Galvenās kriminālpolicijas pārvaldes Ekonomisko noziegumu apkarošanas pārvaldes 1.nodaļas vecākajai inspektorei Olga Lugus). Such written statement shall necessarily have a copy of the corresponding invoice—authorized by the bank—attached to it.

Example of this statement, which you will need to send to the investigator in Latvian, is available over here. All those who would like to get familiar with this document in English can access it over here.

We would like to repeat that the statement shall be filled out strictly in Latvian. In the statement you must fill in your full name, address, the exact amount of the damage caused, and the exact dates when you transferred funds to Recyclix. Also, on a compulsory basis you must attach proofs that you are the legitimate owner of the funds. These can be any official papers like invoices that clearly state that you transferred the full amount of money you specified in the statement to Recyclix.

The completed written statement must be sent by mail to the investigative department in Riga located at Stabu iela 89, Riga, LV1011.

These written statements coupled with payment proofs will help the investigators make the decision about returning the funds back to the participants of Recyclix who suffered financial losses. We believe that you will be able to get your money back as early as two to three weeks after the receipt of the written statement by the Latvian investigative authorities.

In case if, due to this or that reason, you won’t be able to receive your funds by way of applying to the investigation officers, you will be able to get your money back subsequent to the court ruling. All legal procedures in court, such as case hearings and delivering of the judgement, will take about three to four months.

All depositors of Recyclix will be declared as victims and the court will resolve that every one of them shall be refunded the equal amount of money they transferred to the company.

If you would like to speed up this process, we recommend you not to linger about filling out the written request—strictly in Latvian—and sending it by mail to the address mentioned above as soon as possible. This statement is in complete compliance with the law of Latvia and has been approved by the local authorities and lawyers.

Progress in the Czech Republic

Currently a forensic graphologic examination of the signature on the power of attorney—by means of which Igor Pshenychnyi managed to illegally take Recyclix over—is being carried out in Prague.

This examination is handled by the Criminal Police and Investigation Service Units of Prague (SKPV Prahy) where on May 17 2017 the Police of Prague sent the corresponding request for initiating criminal proceedings against Igor Pshenychnyi and performing of the respective handwriting examination.

Please be sure to get familiar with the document that was provided by the police and proves this fact over here.

We are sure that in accordance with the findings of the examination the signature on the power of attorney will be considered forged because it was not written by the legitimate director of Recyclix, Alexander Suranovas. Therefore, following the completion of the graphologic examination a criminal case against Igor Pshenychnyi and the notary public who authorized this document will be opened.

Besides that, Alexander Suranovas was questioned as part of the investigation and he confirmed that the signature on the power of attorney does not belong to him. A sample of his signature for further proof was taken by the forensics agents.

Currently the investigative authorities of the Czech Republic are taking all possible measures in order to assess the financial damages caused and establish their exact amount by performing investigative actions into all involved persons and bank accounts.

However, it is not yet possible to ascertain the exact amount of the damage since the hosting of Recyclix website and bank accounts where the participants’ funds were stored currently remain under control of Igor Pshenychnyi because of the forged power of attorney. We would like to repeat once more that the information currently presented on website is false.

According to the inside information we received from the investigative officer who is working on the case, Igor Pshenychnyi has already been put on the wanted list in the European Union. In the nearest time the investigator will provide us with the corresponding documents.

As soon as we have regained control over the company in a legal way, we will be able to block the website—so that it doesn’t get transferred to someone else from the raiders team—and commence with the compensation provision process.

Once the exact amount of the financial losses resulting from the illegal activities of Igor Pshenychnyi has been established, we will publish a refund statement which you will need to fill out and send to the investigative authorities in order to get your funds back.

Progress in Poland

Currently a graphologic examination of the signature of Igor Pshenychnyi on the power of attorney is also being carried out in Warsaw. Apart from it, we are taking all necessary measures for getting the company back to whom it really belongs as soon as possible. In order to do that we have filed a wide array of petitions in court that will let us block the company website and prevent its illegal transfer to any other third party.

However, the legal proceedings in Poland are taking more time than expected and this is why our lawyers have prepared a motion about speeding up the process and sent it to the court. You can review this document over here.

Also, we would like to let you know that a ruling of the Polish court about the prohibition of registration activities with respect to Recyclix has entered into force. It was necessary to prevent Igor Pshenychnyi from transferring the ownership of the company to a third party, this way making it more difficult for the legitimate owners to regain control over it.

Be sure to get familiar with the court ruling about the prohibition of registration activities over here.

Delays in the legal case in England

As we already mentioned earlier, a criminal case against Dainis Vasiljevs—who embezzled funds of the participants in the amount of several millions of euros—has been initiated.

The investigative authorities are currently working on the case and as soon as we have received the complete information about it, we will prepare the corresponding statement which you will need to send to the bodies that are handling the investigation in order to get your funds back.

As a finishing touch to this newsletter, we would like to point out that currently you can send a request for recovery of the funds, the example of which you can find on this website, to the police of Latvia. Refund statements meant for provision to the police of England and the Czech Republic will be published in the shortest possible time.

Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.

Until the official Recyclix website page has been recovered from the raiders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.

Yours sincerely,

Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky