Update on Progress of the Governmental Investigations

Dear participants of Recyclix,

We would like to let you know that the investigations concerning the unlawful embezzlement of funds by the raiders are underway in several countries. Later on we will provide you with details of the investigations and the most interesting facts they shed light on and today we decided to prepare a brief insight into the most important developments in these cases.


The legal case in Latvia that we mentioned in the previous newsletters is being prepared to be submitted to the court so that the justice can decide who and in which manner—out of those project participants who sent a written statement to the Latvian police—will get their money back.

Unfortunately, currently it’s not possible to accelerate this procedure in any way due to the massive number of statements that were sent to the investigative officer who is handling the case against Eco Revolution SIA entity.

Among other news that we would like to share with you are that Alexander Sivaks was given a written undertaking not to leave the country, the property of Eco Green Line SIA was seized, and the property of companies affiliated with Eco Revolution SIA as well as the assets of their shareholders were seized for purposes of execution of the judgement.

Contact information of the investigator who handles the case against Eco Revolution SIA is presented below.

Olga Lugus
Phone number: +371 672 08138

Valsts policijas
Galvenās kriminālpolicijas pārvaldes
Ekonomisko noziegumu apkarošanas pārvaldes
1.nodaļas vecākajai inspektorei
Olgai Lugus
kriminālprocesā Nr.11816012816


We are waiting for the court ruling concerning the case of the company domain and legal entity theft so that the legitimate director of Recyclix can be reinstated in office and access to the website of the company can be restored. Straight after that we will proceed to provision of the compensations and damage recovery procedures from BEPAY.

Contact information of the justice entity that handles the case in Poland is presented below.

Sad Rejonowy dla Warszawy sygn. II C 823/17
Sedzia Piotr Chodarcewicz
Ul. Antoniego Kocjana 3
Tel. 22 328 60 00

The Czech Republic

Currently the Czech Republic police are carrying out an investigation that aims to establish the identities of persons who have taken the hosting service under their control and are intentionally providing false information about the situation to the users.

At first we thought that it was Igor Pshenychnyi who controlled the website but later on we managed to locate his whereabouts and found out that he doesn’t have anything to do with the content on the website and he doesn’t know anything about the author of the texts.

According to his words, he was offered €100,000 for acting as a new director of the company and cooperating with the raiders by transferring access to the bank and the company accounts to a group of unknown people. After the assistance with the company takeover was furnished by Igor Pshenychnyi, people who hired him stopped answering his calls and disappeared.

Since we are especially interested in reconstructing the complete chain of events to understand what exactly happened and help the police, we continue to investigate the circumstances and persons involved in this unfortunate event that led to the bankruptcy of the company and legal proceedings that may take years to be finished.

Below you can find details associated with the cases that are currently being handled in the Czech Republic.

(A) Legal case against the hosting provider

Okresní soud v Teplicích U soudu 1450/11 416 61 Teplice
V Mostě, 7. září 2017
Case number: 10 C 197/2017-41
JUDr. Ivana Dvořáková, v.r.

(B) Criminal case against Igor Pshenychnyi

JID: PCR00ETRfo60204068
Obvodní ředitelství policie Praha I
Služba kriminální policie a vyšetřování
odbor obecné kriminality
4. oddělení obecné kriminality
Bartolomějská 6, 110 00 Praha 1
detašované pracoviště
Praha 6, Pelléova 21
IDDS: rkiai5y

FAKE Refund Offers from SCAMMERSpassports and addresses of thefts will be published soon 😉 – stay tuned!

We noticed that the raiders who have taken control over the company website are sending messages to the participants in which they offer to provide help in getting their funds back for a certain fee. Here is the complete text of the message:

WARNING! Fraud text:


# Request a private BTC address through a private message
# Send 0.03 Bitcoin to that address
# Send your Accound ID / Email with the Transaction ID or a screenshot of the fees payment
# After the verification you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link within 48 hours
# Click on the link and you will receive the refund in your BTC wallet.


– How do i know how much i’ll be refunded ? 

# We calculate the initial investment and all the profit that was generated before february 25, 2017 

# No reduction is applied and we do not accept statements from other websites that has no relation with our service like Ecorevolution

– How can the support team refund me ?

# After making a valid refund request, our programmers will calculate the refund amount and send a request to the owners of the financial accounts of Recyclix and once your request is approved, the company will refund you to the same BTC wallet you used to pay the fees

– Are these activities legal ?

# The owners of the financial accounts are still hiding their identities and this is not legal but our activities are legal and everyone can check the T&Cs that was stamped by the juridical court in Poland

– Why are they hiding their identities ? 

# We are not reponsible about what happened to Recyclix and as we mentioned in our previous update, we are offering our help to refund all users who have money stuck in the company for some fees. The owners of the financial accounts will face big problems if they show their real identity now but if they refund as many users as possible (through us) there won’t be complaints against them and they can show their identities without problems

– How long does it take to receive my refund after the fees payment ?

# Once the fees payment is confirmed, your refund request will be valid and it will take up to 48 hours to receive the confirmation Email that will release your refund

For more questions you can contact the support team but do not judge our activities, since we are not responsible about what happened to recyclix. We are just offering our help


# We will refund users who invested 2000€ or more.

# All profit accumulation and withdrawals before february 25, 2017 is not deduced from the refund
# Each refund request is processed in 48 hours
# We accept the payment of owed fees through Bitcoin only.

# All users should have/create a Bitcoin wallet and pay the fees from their own wallet.

# Users who invested less than 2000€ should wait for our next Update.

Please mind that the company participants DO NOT need to pay any fees in order to receive the refund. Do not send your money to anyone in connection with the compensation provision program. The client base with the relevant information on all users is owned solely by us, Recyclix crisis management team, and this is why no one except our team can be engaged in handling the compensation provision program.

We feel deeply sorry that the scheming and greed of the previous management team led the company to such deplorable situation and we would like to thank all of you for your patience and help in preparing and sending the written statements.

We expected that the whole process would go forward more quickly, but unfortunately right now we are unable to change anything or influence the system and therefore the only thing we can do is to wait for the court rulings and results of the investigations.

Currently the company is not planning to get back to the recycling activities, however we still do not want to leave the market with stained reputation. All project participants and their embezzled funds are always in our thoughts and we are sure that eventually the justice will triumph.

Remember that you can use ecorevolution.com website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.

Until the official Recyclix website page has been recovered from the raiders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.

Yours sincerely,

Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky